/ Lucamaleonte Collab
The collaboration with the Roman artist Lucamaleonte was born almost by chance: I had been following and admiring his work for some time and I was making an onsite inspection in Ostiense. I was looking for a wall mural that I wanted to use as a background for a shooting. Not finding it, I contacted Lucamaleonte asking him the exact location of the work: it had been deleted after some renovation. A few days later I came up with the idea of proposing to Lucamaleonte the collaboration that later resulted in the SS 2022 print. Luca had painted the lily leaving the wall dirty and smeared, a symbol of the beauty that is born where you least expect it. I tried to create the same effect by printing with organic colors on raw, natural fabrics. So the mural that had been erased took on a new form.
This is resilience.
Caterina Moro