The concept of “daily luxury” is the main inspiration for the new FW 21/22 Caterina Moro collection.

An intimate and personal collection, which inherits textures and tones from the earth and the forest.

With HEIMA, from the Icelandic word for “home”, the designer expresses the desire to return to the truest and deepest values, to a familiar relationship with nature. Pleated denim, the symbol of the brand since the beginning, is combined with the preciousness of silk and the softness of wool and cashmere, synthesizing a new concept of contemporary luxury. The palette is tinged with earth tones: the brown of the bark, the mud and the lichen green, the gray of the rock, alternating with the brightest shade of cyclamen. The prints are designed in collaboration with the artist Germano Serafini: the natural elements of the forest, such as leaves and mushrooms, are used as real brushes, recalling the effect of Japanese watercolors. The print is born from the poetic act of “painting” with nature.

Once again Caterina Moro marks a path towards a feminine concept devoted to elegance and refinement, towards a new and personal definition of style.