Fashion times no longer match the times of life.

We don’t need to rush constantly. We don’t need always new collections. We don’t need trends. We don’t need a hustle and bustle. True sustainability involves questioning why we create and buy clothes, and then imagining new paradigms.

What we need is to breathe. We need Art. Beauty. Creativity. Thought. We need garments designed to grow in value over time, we don’t need items created to ride a trend and turn into rags in just a few seconds.

Art looks toward the world I feel I belong to.

It creates something that is eternal, that will last and increase in value with the years. It communicates values, thoughts, emotions.

This is the new course of CATERINA MORO. No more collections, but artistic projects, often created in collaboration with contemporary artists. Created and produced without following predetermined and outdated fashion schedules. No more seasons, but timeless pieces that can be mixed and matched over the years. Small-sized capsules that will allow for the care of each detail. Created with the time required to bring a project to its artistic maturity.

This is the way the brand will be working from now on. We welcome you to discover it with us.