ARCHIVE was born from the understanding that to dress is somehow other than what we are accustomed to. Something deeper. This small capsule collection is a journey into our most intimate dimension, in search of a new sense and awareness of dressing one’s body, far from fashion weeks and their noise.

Closer to the rhythms of Mother Nature and of classical music. The world where I was formed and that taught me deep breathing.

ARCHIVE is about rebirth and through art turns its gaze to the world I truly feel I belong to. It delves into the intimate, in the search for smoothness, beauty, comfort, warmth, of a deeper contact with nature and the inner rhythms of life. And of color, the key to be open to the world. The dresses, blouses and shirts are made from the brand’s stock fabrics, mixing together prints from different collections on which leaves and natural elements are widespread. The knitwear is in kid mohair and recovers periwinkle, the brand’s signature color since its beginnings. Pleating, my trademark, involves a modular trench coat and the creative use of the flat pleat.

ARCHIVE is a small collection of garments designed to enwrap a body.

Textile art for human bodies.

To combine art and the soul enclosed in the body that wears my garments.